Fiji & Solomon Islands

November 25 – December 12, 2016 | This fall, Jenni embarked on an epic scuba diving adventure in the South Pacific with her dad.


Thanks to the wonderful Bilingual Coordinator and Deputy Head of Studies at my primary school in Madrid, I was able to miss 6 days of class to take a trip to Fiji and the Solomon Islands. Although I was a bit nervous to tell my school admins about the vacation, both of them ended up being very supportive of my plans. It felt great to have their stamp of approval, and I simply used my free periods in October and November to make up the hours I’d be missing.

So, after two months working as a teaching assistant in Madrid, it was time to pack my bags once again and head to the South Pacific!

Over 30+ hours, I flew to London, then to LA, and finally to Fiji. Our group of 19 divers – mostly from Albuquerque – spent a couple days diving in Fiji (where I got lucky and saw a tiger shark!) and then 10 days on a liveaboard dive boat, The Bilikiki. With the boat as our temporary home, we explored the seascape around the Solomon Islands, a gorgeous underwater region that features coral passageways, light to medium currents, and plenty of ocean creatures.

Our group made great use of both our macro and wide angle cameras, as the marine life ranged from tiny nudibranchs to 20-foot sharks to swirling schools of fish. We also gawked at the healthiest coral I’ve ever seen, including a huge field of green staghorn coral lovingly named “The Rolling Hills of Scotland” by our dive instructor, Tina. 

The 14-person crew on the ship worked hard to ensure that our experiences onboard and in the water were enjoyable, easygoing, and unforgettable. Huge thanks to The Bilikiki for an absolutely breathtaking journey! 

I’ll let the photos below tell the rest of the story :)

– J

P.S. Check out The Bilikiki’s Logbook for Dec 9th – you might see some familiar faces!

Our motley crew of 19 divers (some with hundreds, maybe thousands, of dives under their belts!)
An especially adorable nudibranch
Bull shark mug shot
Amazing scorpionfish that might’ve been a Chinese dragon in a past life
The strangest underwater creatures
Iridescent cardinalfish (I think!) with a black crinoid in the background
Raymond, a village chief, warmly welcomed us to his island. The other, croc-wearing fellow is one of our dive masters, Oli!
This smiley girl lives in the Solomons and was shyly inspecting our small “tinny” boat.
Massive coral with some dive buddies for context
Can you spot the crab??? Almost threw away this photo before we noticed the little guy!
Toothy eel lurking in the shadows
Me with Wayne, our trip organizer and dive master from Albuquerque
Nightly occurrence :) I’ve always loved the way the ocean magnifies and transforms an already beautiful sunset.

*Photos are copyrighted: Copyright © 2017 Larry White. All rights reserved.