Euro Trip with Zach: Lucerne, Switzerland

Aug 4-6, 2017 | After multiple cities with warm weather, we headed for some cooler weather in the Swiss Alps.

We arrived in Lucerne after a short train trip from the Zurich airport. Our hotel was a short 10-minute walk from the train station, which allowed us to cross the main bridge and appreciate some of Lucerne’s beauty. Set on the western side of Vierwaldstättersee (Lake Lucerne), it is surrounded by several mountains and filled with beautiful old buildings.

After dropping our stuff in the room, it was time to explore the city for the next few hours. We first walked a few minutes north to visit the Lion Monument, a large relief of a lion dedicated to a few hundred Swiss soldiers who died in Paris during the French Revolution. The site was under a bit of construction, but we were still able to see the lion quite well.

We then ate a nice Italian dinner and had time to walk to one of the public beaches for sunset. Zach is somewhat of a sunset geek, so he was happy to snap some excellent pics of the changing sky colors.

The next day we prepared ourselves for the main activity of the weekend: an excursion to Mount Titlis. Engleberg, a town about 45 minutes by train from Lucerne, is the gateway city to Mount Titlis, which is a 3000 meter (10,000ft) tall mountain with great activities either in summer or winter. To reach the top, we used three distinct cable cars/ski lifts. The last one is a 360 degree rotating panorama gondola. The views were great going up, but reaching the top was sublime.

Check out this video of our descent in one of the 3 cable cars!

Upon reaching the top of the mountain, they have several restaurants, a viewing room, and then activities outside the base. There is a suspension bridge, a 130 meter tunnel through a glacier (!!!!), and more. The glacier was my favorite part – a low lit blue tunnel that was very cold throughout. A great experience.

After lunch, we headed about halfway back down the mountain to do a bit of hiking. Zach and I were able to complete a 3 hour trip in about 2 hours, so we were really grooving. It was a heavy uphill climb, though thankfully the cloud coverage saved us from some extra heat the sun would have created. Once again, the views were stunning when the fog allowed, and we even had a friendly encounter with some cows.

In the end, Lucerne was a fantastic stop for us and we headed to Interlaken tired but excited for more time outdoors.