Copenhagen & Prague

December 5-12, 2016 | During a week off of school, Tim traveled to Copenhagen and Prague for the first time.


While Jenni was scuba diving in the Pacific, I had total freedom to choose a few destinations for a week-long vacation outside of Spain. I considered quite a few cities but ultimately settled on Copenhagen and Prague because I had never been to those places and I had a friend in each city. The trip worked out really well!

Our week off of school came at the beginning of December, which was ideal since it meant that I’d be traveling when many European cities have Christmas markets set up around main streets and plazas. Between Copenhagen and Prague I probably walked through 10 different markets. The markets in each city offered a similar selection of foods and goods, but that didn’t bother me since I was able to order my favorite foods several times. The German sausage was one of my favorites…

Xmas market in Copenhagen
Market in downtown Copenhagen
Trinitatis Church
Trinitatis Church, Copenhagen
Smørrebrød, the traditional Danish open sandwich. I preferred the chicken salad and bacon sammie on the right!

I enjoyed the two and a half days I spent in Copenhagen, and I was able to hang with my cousin, who was studying abroad there, each of those days. One thing I appreciated was that, despite Denmark having its own language (Danish), English is also widely spoken. This made my life easier, since my Danish is nonexistent!

After Copenhagen, I headed to the airport and caught a quick flight down to Prague. My hostel was located in Old Town, just off of the main square, which, unsurprisingly, was another location for a fantastic Christmas market. By coincidence, I arrived to town at sunset and was able to capture a few stunning pictures.

Old Town, Prague
Christmas market in Old Town, Prague
View from the Charles Bridge
View from the Charles Bridge

I had 3 and a half days in Prague, which gave me plenty of time to leisurely see the city’s best sights as well as take several fun pictures of myself and of some friends.

Prague Castle
Prague Castle from afar
Charles Bridge from afar
Charles Bridge from afar
Tim at Lennon Wall
The John Lennon Wall

Hipster in Prague

One of my Spanish friends whom I met during my semester abroad in 2011 now works in Prague, so I had a great time hanging out with him and with his other friend who happened to be visiting during the same days.

Pablo and Mario in tower
With my telephoto lens, I found Pablo and Mario wayyy up in the Charles Bridge Tower!
Pablo and Mario playing chess
Not pictured: the match in which I was crushed.
Chess pic
We played chess in a cool coffee shop that I never would have found if it hadn’t been for Pablo.
Trdelník, a Czech dessert
I had to do several “experiments” to find out which booth made the best Trdelník, a Czech dessert. Needless to say, all 8 varieties I tried were delicious…
Mario, Tim and Pablo
We walked about 15 miles that day.

Swans in the river

Prague is one of those magical European cities that I imagine I’ll be revisiting before long.