Week 1 of School

October 3-7, 2016 | After being in Spain for about a month, we finally reported to our schools for day one of work to meet teachers and students.

tim at IES

Even though we’ve known since May where we would be working this year, we really didn’t have much information other than the names of our schools and the contact information for our bilingual program coordinators. Fortunately, one week before beginning work, we were each able to go into school to meet a few colleagues and get our class schedules. We both have Mondays off, yay!

I’m working at a middle/high school with youngsters who are between twelve and eighteen years old. The majority of my classes are English language classes, though I have a few physical education classes sprinkled in. So far, I have been very impressed with my students’ level of English. It’s a bilingual school, meaning that, apart from the English classes, several other subjects – like science and history – are taught completely in English, as well. I can’t imagine having to take these classes in a foreign language, but these students seem to be managing quite well!


Most of Jenni’s classes are English language classes, too, but she also has one science class on her schedule. She is working at a primary school, and depending on the day, she may be with kindergarteners, 2nd graders, 4th graders, or 6th graders. She, too, has been impressed with her students’ level of English, and I’m sure she’ll be a huge help to the students throughout this year.

In the first week, we’ve given presentations about ourselves to talk about where in the USA we’re from and what types of things we did there. The students have asked us interesting questions ranging from “What do you think about Donald Trump?” to “What is homecoming?”, and they’re certainly keeping us on our toes. But the bottom line is that we’re both very excited about where we’re working this year.

– T